Thursday, February 11, 2010

the storque!

Today is becoming quite exciting: one of the items from my etsy shop was featured in a library-themed article on The Storque! This is something I realized after making 2 sales (which was equal to half of my stock at the time.. haha) and receiving 3 random messages that just contained questions or compliments about my shop.

While my shop hovers in the spotlight briefly, I'm trying to get as many new items added as I can. I know I've been a bit lazy about things, and this is a big push in the right direction.

For any of you who have just discovered my blog because of the Storque feature: Hello! Thank you so much for visiting and saying nice things.

Check out the feature here. I hope everyone else is having a nice Thursday! Mine has been full of pleasant surprises.


  1. Yay for Rebecca! Yay for telephone ghost!

  2. congrats on the feature! you do have a lovely shop!

  3. That's awesome! Congrats! I'm glad you are turning around a bit about your shop- you have a great eye for your items!

  4. Oh, sensible librarian shoes! Good for you, Rebecca!

  5. Congratularions Rebecca!! I saw that article - I'll have to go back and examine it in more detail now!!

  6. Congrats! So awesome and so deserved!


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