Friday, January 22, 2010

five senses friday

Hey everyone! I've been keeping pretty busy around here... I recently started applying for jobs and lately Robert and I have been house hunting! It's definitely exciting in a real world kind of way, but unfortunately I don't have any pretty pictures of those activities (I know: I should), so you'll have to use your imagination!

How about a round of Five Senses Friday?

apple pie french toast

Tasting: Apple Pie French Toast!! So yummy. (Recipe via Closet Cooking) Also this week: chicken tingas (like spicy tacos with potatoes and peppers), blueberry buttermilk cake, homemade tomato soup and sourdough bread, and Gobi Manchurian [which was *way* spicy but delicious]. I am ridiculously spoiled in the food department thanks to Robert!

Seeing: Grey skies- it's been awfully rainy this week. Also seeing words on the page: I finally started reading Half Broke Horses for the Slow Readers Book Club! (We have a forum for discussion now!)

Smelling: The above mentioned foods? I always have a hard time thinking of smells! The Gobi Manchurian ('specially the fried cauliflower) smell stuck around our apartment a while, but it was okay!

good amazon package!
This was an excellent package from Amazon!

This week I've been listening to Devo (because Robert just got into this album and he keeps putting the record on!) and Elliott Smith's XO which I just got on vinyl. When I love every song on an album, it must be acquired in every format.

Feeling: Cold hands. A little sunshine earlier on in the week. Burning mouth from Gobi Manchurian. More than a few tears when I found out someone I've known since high school passed away. It's always so startling and sad when someone near your own age dies.

Aside from that last sad bit, it's been a pretty productive and satisfying week. I hope your week has been great and that the upcoming weekend is even better.


  1. I just started reading the book today as well - for the book club. Don't you love the picture on the cover?

    Sorry to hear about your high school friend. I hope there are people around you whom you can talk to...

  2. I love this subject, i love the way you bring everything together.

    I'm sorry to hear about someone you know passing away. That's always hard to hear.

  3. Apple Pie French Toast?! That looks absolutely AMAZING! I MUST give it a shot.

    You're absolutely right about the feeling of people your own age passing away. When I was in the eighth grade one of my classmates passed away. Suffice it to say I experienced a very bizarre set of emotions.

    Here's my Five Senses Friday:

  4. That French toast sounds delicious! I think I could live entirely on breakfast food should the need arise...

    And I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I had an experience like that a couple months ago - it's so surprising and I never know quite how to respond (especially since I didn't know him all that well).

  5. Oh! Devo!! Love, love them too!! So fun and quirky - and I adore your new layout!! Must start reading the book! I'm very bad!

    So sorry about your friend. Thinking of you...

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend dear ...

  7. Sorry to hear about your sad news. I can relate. She/he must have been so young.

  8. Oh, that picture is making me hungry. Delish.

    & I've been listening to Elliott Smith lately. A college roommate of mine was obsessed with him but it took me a little longer to catch on.


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