Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a friendly reminder

Just a quick note to self (and for the benefit of others):

Do NOT leave shoes lying around in the middle of the hallway, especially if they are high heels. Especially if you're in a hurry and you're running around barefoot. It will only lead to pain! This is the lesson I learned yesterday when I stumbled on these pretty shoes and then landed (with all my weight) on the heel of one. I have a giant red mark on the bottom of my right foot and it still sort of hurts!


But I can forgive the shoes, and I'm even going to take them on a little vacation with me. Ugh, I spent probably 3 hours yesterday trying to figure out what to wear to my sister's wedding! I think I've found the perfect outfit, but of course it involves a dress that needs to be repaired. I better get busy!

Shoes - vintage from Retropolis in Houston
Cuff bracelet - Clare Stoker, courtesy of the BSP a while ago!
Purse - surprisingly, it's from Target a few years back

I'm a little worried about our travel plans for Thursday because it's supposed to snow like crazy [2-4 inches]... but hopefully everything will work out! You know what? I've been having a crummy day, but my faith in today has just been restored: when I went over to the Bright Side Project to grab the link, I found out I won something else. Now it's a GOOD day. (And I cannot stress enough how awesome BSP is!)

OKAY, everyone, I'm going to be on a blog break for a while! We're spending a few days in Houston and I'll be back here once everything has settled down. Have a good week! I hope everyone is enjoying 2010!! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks - I'm really stressed out and you can pretend I'm kind of yelling every sentence if you want.


  1. Such pretty shoes but I'm sorry they caused you a bit of mischief! Have a lovely trip and I hope it doesn't snow too much!!

  2. Love those shoes! I hope you'll take pics of you in your wedding outfit. I hope you have a completely delightful trip!


  3. Adore your shoes and you had me laughing at the thought of the yelling! :D Have a great time in Houston and congratulations to your sister... I love weddings! Also, thank you so much for joining the book club, your email was sent to Diana of our.city.lights who is busily putting together the mailing list. I'm really happy that you're in and can't wait to read your review on it! I know you've posted on books in the past and always enjoy when you write on them.

  4. those are lovely pair of shoes. have a great week and lovely time at the wedding.

  5. lovely shoes!
    hahaha about the exclamation marks, i use them alot as well!!! did you ever see that seinfeld episode about exclamation marks? pretty darn funny!!!
    hope you have fun at the wedding :) and have a safe trip.

  6. Ouch that sounds painful! I've done the same but my speciality is injuring myself by walking into door handles (the ones I have stick out too much!) Those accessories are beautiful. Have a wonderful trip.

  7. yikes! pain is not fun thats for sure! oh but your trip will be! yay foe sisteres getting married :) woohoo!

  8. I hope your pain was assuaged by the fact that it was caused by a perfectly lovely pair of shoes.
    Hmmm... I can't feel bad for you about two to four inches of snow. I just can't. Two to four feet, maybe. Although, no amount of snow is fun to drive in. Just remember not to slam on the brakes if you slide. Have a safe trip and take lots of pictures!

  9. Oh, those SHOES! I want them. They're so original and pretty.

  10. Those shoes are so lovely! I hope you have a wonderful trip, be safe! Oh, I checked out the Bright Side Project, really wonderful site!

  11. Oh i do that all the time!!

    Have a great trip!!


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