Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my sister's wedding

At long last, here are those wedding photos I've been talking about! Apologies for taking so long to post them, but I wanted to make some improvements to my blog format and how I share pictures. How do you like the new format, by the way? Thank you all for the tips on larger pictures!


Sarah and Timothy were married on January 9, 2010 at t'afia in Houston. It's an adorable little restaurant that serves amazing food made with local ingredients -- they even host a farmer's market on Saturdays that Robert and I attended regularly in the past!

wedding setting

Many of my shots from the ceremony are a little grainy and blurred because I was also hopping around making a video of the whole thing and couldn't mess with camera settings at the time.

the kiss

However, there was a little sunlight left when we went upstairs for dinner, so I was able to grab some good shots! Below is one of my favorites.

the couple

We had a delicious three-course meal and it was really fun to sit around talking to everyone. I was able to see some of my family that I haven't seen since I moved away, and it was just an exciting time in general!

dinner setting

The name cards for the table settings (below) were penned by Betsy Dunlap Calligraphy.

name cards

After the dinner was over and we'd said goodbye to family, all of us "young people" headed over to a party for other friends who hadn't attended the wedding. It was held at a community center, and we had a blast just exploring that place. We found one room that was decorated with someone's old furniture, and that became everyone's favorite portrait spot.

this is serious business

There was also a ping pong table, a piano, and a skateboard we found in a closet... Haha, it was a really SILLY night. I was wearing a dress from the 40s and came home to realize I had ripped both armpits. Unfortunate! That is what happens when one parties in dainty old clothing.

It was a really beautiful wedding and such a fun party we had afterward! Best wishes to Sarah and Tim!


  1. congratulations to your sister! the wedding looks very close to what i'd like to have for myself one day. small, intimate, romantic!

  2. Looks like such a charming wedding. I love your dress - that's too bad that it tore!

    Best wishes to the new couple!


  3. oh! big congrats to them!
    looks like a lovely wedding. the name cards are so cool and i love that last picture, very cute :D

  4. That restaurant looks so lovely! I'm sure the ceremony was lovely too, it all looks so perfect! I really love the name cards too. :)

  5. Aww such sweet photos -- they make a lovely couple. Love the new format :)

  6. looks like a beautiful and fun wedding!

  7. Congratulations for your sister !
    Lovely wedding !

  8. Congrats & best wishes to your sister and Tim! ... and the photos look great on your new blog format :)


  9. Your sister's wedding looks awesome! Congrats to her and i love the work of the calligraphy!

  10. How happy do they both look!! Gorgeous stuff! I love that photo of you too - so sweet!

  11. Thanks to everyone who commented! Rebecca was a big help with the wedding, she's a great sister!

  12. By the way, I love that last picture; that is the best Robert-in-a-picture face!


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