Tuesday, January 26, 2010

film scans

Anyone remember when I mentioned getting out my "real camera" and shooting a roll of film last month? Here are some of the photos! I was really disappointed to discover that the shutter on my Minolta XG-1 sticks [most likely from disuse]... and therefore most of my pictures were way overexposed. That's something I would like to fix before using any more film up, because charming as some of the mistakes were, they were completely unpredictable! That might be the fun of a toy camera, but this was once a dependably accurate machine and I'd like to restore it.

I recently acquired a scanner from freecycle - so exciting! Now, on with the prints! Here are the couple that came out the way I wanted them:

I gathered up some little friends for a group portrait. That's a mogwai in the back! I made the heart pillow guys.

Real gingerbread man (from dozen) with glass gingerbread person (vintage Avon)

This isn't quite right, but I like it anyway. Reminds me of the old food blog!

Now, onto the overexposed prints... These are the few that came out kind of nice even though I was going for something completely different. All of the other prints looked horrible! [And yes, I swear it's the shutter's fault. I made notes of the settings I used for each exposure; I have back-to-back photos using the same settings at the same time where one frame is perfect and the next over-exposed. Not my fault!] Oh, despite all my whining I'm really fond of the below pictures.

Franklin had this NOEL sign up downtown for all of December. Have I mentioned how cute this town is?

Crummy print, but look at that gigantic brussels sprout stalk! Is it not impressive?

I can't throw away light bulbs when they go out, so I collect them. Really like the shape.

There's that gingerbread man again, resting atop a stack of presents!

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement on the last post! I'm doing fine: the person who died was a good-friend-of-some-of-my-good-friends, and the difficulty for me has been in comforting those who were closer to him. But thank you all, nonetheless! I'm incredibly appreciative of your support (in all ways).


  1. Great photos! I love your collection of toys. And that you collect lightbulbs!


  2. Still wonderful pics for being overexposed. Love the gingerbread man next to the Avon bottle!

  3. I love the Noel sign photo. Really old school.

  4. I love that you collect lightbulbs - so cute! I like the shape of those bulbs but in England you can only buy ugly energy saving ones :( To be honest I've had to replace them several times so I think we were better off with the old style!

    Lovely photos :)

  5. i really like the overexposed photos! the one of the noel sign is my fave :D
    love your heart pillow and mogwai stuffy. i had one when i was little.

  6. These are great photos and the overexposure gives it the charm.

    I've always wanted to try freecycle! I'll take your word for it and take the plunge :)

  7. Cool photos dear Rebecca! Love the washed out ones especially - so delicate!

  8. Thanks for the boot compliment on my blog... I love them too! Looks like you're having fun with your camera! I love!!!! taking pictures, unfortunately I have 9,000 on my Mac right now and it's telling me my start up disk is full. That sounds like one download away from a crash! :( booo Time for back up!


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