Monday, September 10, 2012

wrapping up summer

Audrey is napping and I don't trust myself to make a coherent post with real words, so I'm just going to share some pictures of the things that have been happening in the last couple of weeks!

I had a rollerskating party!

We found a Batman bus.. ?!

We had a Troll 2 party and ate delicious key lime pie!

Audrey went crazy!  And got a ton of new teeth!

Ahh.. It's been busy.  Our calendar is clearing up and the weather is cooling down.  It's fantastic outside, and inside I'm trying to organize my brain and life!  There is a baby who controls my schedule and she won't let me slow down.


  1. Where on earth did you find a Batman bus? And why does it exist?? I mean, either way it's awesome, but I am so confused right now. ;-)

    Also: Yay for roller skating parties! My cousins used to own a roller rink, so I have many fond memories of roller skating parties when I was growing up. And also free snacks from the snack bar. It's good to have connections. :-P

    1. We spotted the Batman bus while we were out at a recycling center in our town; it was just across the street! We went back a week later to take pictures, and it had moved slightly. I have NO IDEA why it exists, but it's pretty amazing and I hope someone is using it for something! We Googled it and found a couple mentions of sightings, but no explanation...

      I envy your childhood roller rink hook up. That's awesome!

  2. A rollerskating party sounds super fun! Looks like a good end to the summer :)

    xo Lilly

  3. Oh my gosh, all those teeth! Mathias just got his third in these past few days, FINALLY. Poor kiddo--I can only imagine how yucky Audrey feels with so many coming in at once! But now you get to feed her more stuff, which is exciting :)

  4. You look so awesome in that first picture! A roller skating party? Why didn't I think of that?

    Can't believe how big Audrey has gotten. Hope you are well!


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