Sunday, July 22, 2012

fresh picture overload!

Audrey is 8 months old today!  I opened up the blinds in her room, put out some of her favorite books and toys, and let her go wild.. sort of.  In between pictures there was a lot of redirecting her from diving headfirst off the sofa, which is her number one desire.  Enjoy!

I say it pretty much every month -- "I can't believe it's been ___ amount of time since she was born."  But for REAL.  Actually, now it feels like she's been around here forever.  And we don't mind that at all.  More and more personality is emerging every day!  She can give high fives now... and she was doing a lot of babbling today!  She's not usually so talkative.

I think the day that Audrey looks at me and says "mama," my heart is just going to explode.  Can't even handle it!  

I had so much fun taking these pictures today.  Our camera gets a lot of use nearly every day, but I don't often find time to do everything I want with all of the photos!  It's hard to keep up. That's why this space is a little quiet lately... Not enough time to do everything that I want.

This little lady keeps me hopping!   


  1. Adorable and that hat is truly awesome! Happy 8 months!

  2. I love that hat!!! And Audrey's super serious expression while she's looking at her book in that second picture is pretty much the greatest. It looks like she's giving some major though to what she's reading. :-)

  3. I love seeing babies with books! Too, too cute.

  4. Audrey has such great style. Nice to see she's learned to read! :)

  5. Totally diggin' that dino bonnet! And look at that interest in books--I bet she's gonna be an avid reader.


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