Friday, September 21, 2012

real shoes for baby

Audrey isn't walking yet, but she does enjoy it when we hold her hands and "help" her walk around.  I knew that we'd be needing some real shoes for her soon!  (As opposed to the soft "crib shoes" that are mainly for baby decoration.)  So while Robert was shopping for new shoes last weekend, I picked up a pair for Audrey.  Cuteness ensued, and we had to go for a late afternoon walk to break them in!  The weather has been spectacular lately.

The other cutest thing happening around here is that Audrey now DANCES any time she hears music.  She's been dancing on occasion for months, but now as soon as the first note hits, she starts swaying.  It's almost too much to handle.  Baby cuteness overload!  She is just about 10 months old, and so much fun.   She's turned into such a pleasant companion!


  1. Baby shoes are the very cutest thing! Congrats on her first real pair :)

  2. Hi Rebecca! I just caught up with your blog. I didn't even know you'd started again. Your baby girl, Audrey, is utterly adorable. My fave post has to be the one where you guys had an impromptu picnic in your backyard under your tree? Gorgeous. You look so content and beautiful, doll. Definitely want to stop by again and catch up with your beautiful little family.

    1. ANA!!! Thank you for dropping in for a visit. :) I know I meant to stop by your blog and say hi, but it must have slipped my mind months ago. (These things happen!) Thank you so much for your sweet words. I'll have to catch up with your blog as well, and I'm looking forward to it!

  3. I would like to formally place a request for a video of Audrey dancing. You can't tell us about that cuteness and not let us see it for ourselves!! ;-)

  4. Oh Audrey is just too sweet! x


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