Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I really despise Ebay from a seller's point of view. However, there is some appeal to an auction that ends in a few days. I got an email from Ebay this morning about half price seller's fees and decided to list some things! These are all items which have expired from my Etsy shop that I've had trouble letting go of (attachment issues). I decided to start everything at $5 and see what happens! Please visit the listings if you're interested in anything. Each listing only has one picture because there's NO WAY I was going to pay 15 cents per extra picture! [Again: I do not like you, Ebay.] But I'll gladly provide extra pictures if anyone asks! Sorry for the lack of excitement in the item descriptions - these are just sort of quick and dirty listings! I have too much stuff laying around that needs to find a new home!

Striped Drop Waist Dress - Size 12

Again, if you're interested in anything here and need more details, just let me know! If you're not interested, just move along.

I have a few projects going on right now, and I suppose I better start taking some pictures (though it's rainy and gray here and the lighting is terrible): I'm sending my camera in to be repaired! I've been having problems with the zoom on my digital camera and it's still under warranty so I'm getting that taken care of. I really hope it will be fixed and back in my hands by Christmas. If not, I've got a backup plan! I bought a bunch of film yesterday and got out my Minolta XG-1. Hopefully I'll get a chance to start playing with that soon.

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  1. Ooh! I love that red skirt! And the bow tie blouse too. Though I'm not sure I could carry it off... Very cute stuff! I'll have to visit your shop (though I've been trying to restrict all shopping for gifts this time of year!).



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