Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas break

Happy Wednesday! Or Friday-Wednesday, as I'm thinking of it. Every day this week feels like a Friday. Tomorrow morning Robert and I will drive to Memphis, where we're spending Christmas! It's going to be my first Christmas with his family, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Fancy wrapping paper selection.

Gingerbread man scissors, which I use year-round.

To be honest and cheesy with you, this time of year reminds me of a couple of Christmases ago, just after Robert had moved to Texas. [Quick note for the uninitiated: I'm from Houston, Robert is from Memphis, and we dated long-distance for a while.] We were getting accustomed to having each other around ALL the time, and then he went back home for Christmas. It was the saddest Christmas EVER. We had an okay time with our families, but we missed each other terribly-- I was "house sitting" his apartment and I would just go there to hang out and read his Daniel Pinkwater books and think about how much I liked him [Robert, that is. But I like Daniel Pinkwater too!]. He was only gone for a few days, but the way we talked on the phone, you would think we would never see each other again. And that is when we knew that we had to marry each other and be together forever-ever. Sounds silly, but we began planning as soon as he got back, and we were married less than half a year later. Now we're on our second Christmas together! It's a good time.

But enough of that! I will be away from here for a few days. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season (or whatever you want to call it). Tell me if you have any exciting plans!


  1. Merry, merry Christmas Rebecca!! You sound like you've got a nice time ahead of you! See you when you get back!!

  2. What a sweet and romantic story! I love that one moment when you know you're meant for each other!

    And you have such a cute wrapping paper selection.

    Have a wonderful trip and a merry, merry Christmas!

  3. That's a lovely story Rebecca! Thank you so much for sharing and hope you're both having a wonderful time in Memphis.♡♥

    PS. I great wrapping paper!

  4. wait..... those scissors are just amaing.

  5. I hope your trip is going well! Those scissors are the best :)

  6. Merry second Christmas together - what a sweet story!


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