Tuesday, May 29, 2012

roadtripping baby

Tiny baby napping in huge hotel bed

We are back from our little road trip to Memphis!  It went SO much better than I could have imagined!  I had no idea what to expect from Audrey when it came to the long car drive (about 3 and a half hours) and sleeping out of town.  But Audrey seems to have inherited my love of a good road trip, and she seemed pleased as punch to be in the car.  I'm sure it helped that Robert was in the back seat with her, ready to do anything necessary to make her happy!  We only stopped for lunch on the way there and back -- no other emergencies.

This is going to sound incredibly cheesy, but I feel like we came back a stronger family, more prepared for anything!  It was like a trust exercise out in the wilderness.  Sort of.  Sort of not.  I learned that I did not need to pack quite so much, though I should have had extra pants handy: we did have one little leak, which resulted in Audrey not wearing pants for the rest of the day.. oops.)  Once we got to Robert's parents' house, I learned a lot about letting go of control, and letting other people enjoy caring for Audrey.  There's just this overwhelming urge to do EVERYTHING for her, but I had to accept that her grandparents have that too, and since they don't get as much time with her I should welcome the break and let them go at it.  So I did!  Once we saw that she went down for a nap easily there (in her pack 'n play), and was having a blast playing with everyone, we.... let her stay the night!  Without us!

And OH what an awful night it was.  Not for Audrey - she slept great!  Robert and I were a mess.  We were awake at midnight, at 4 a.m., wondering what she was up to, if she was okay, if she was sleeping.  We made ourselves stay in bed until 5:30 and then got up to get ready and go see her!!  So much for a restful night alone, huh?  There was nothing to be worried about -- her grandparents took great care of her -- but we just can't relax unless we can hear her breathing, I guess.  I hope we get over that soon!

All in all it was a great weekend, and I will be posting more pictures and details soon!  Audrey had a lot of firsts, and Robert had a nice birthday!


  1. Oh, wow. That is such great news. I was never lucky with our boys and traveling. They would be up all night every night when they were babies sleeping away from home!

    And I could just eat those chubby little thighs right up, she is so cute!

  2. That picture is too precious!! I can't believe how big she's getting! Glad you guys had fun on your trip! :-)

  3. This is very encouraging cause we're planning a big road trip for this summer and I'm not sure what to expect. Hopefully we'll do as well as you guys- of course we have a toddler and those can be more complicated :)


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