Monday, May 7, 2012

a new place to play

 Ooops, I didn't post for a whole week!  And I thought I was getting pretty good at posting twice a week.  I guess it doesn't really matter.  The reason I've been a little quiet online is that I've been having some real life fun, playing with Audrey. She's becoming a fun little play mate! I made some improvements to her bedroom last week.  A bigger, more active baby needs ROOM to play.

What the corner looked like, pre-baby! (And pre-good lighting?)
We originally had a rocking chair in this corner.  Everyone said a rocking chair was an essential part of the nursery, but to be honest we didn't use it much.  Audrey is not a rocking baby... she is a BOUNCING baby.  If she wants movement, she demands a lot of movement that generally requires standing up.  We also have a little comfy sofa on the other side of her room that has been an amazing place to sit with her during night feedings (and to sleep on occasionally, for those really rough nights).  So the rocking chair ended up being something that I just stacked baby clothes on...It was getting messy. 

 We'd been finding ourselves sitting on the floor a lot with Audrey, and generally we would just put down a blanket to sit on.  The main purpose of the blanket was to catch spit up.. because Audrey is still very much spitting up a lot.  So we had scattered blankets around, and that was also looking messy.  Enter... the Tadpoles Dino Playmat Set!  I knew Audrey would need a better place to play and practice crawling.  Something she could get a grip on, rather than a slippery hardwood floor or blanket.  And of course we went for the dinosaur pattern.  It was clearly the best.

So, the rocking chair was moved into the den, where I think it will ultimately see more use.  And the play mat was assembled in the corner by the book/toy shelf.  And so far it has been a great success!  We spend a lot of time playing there.  It is much, much easier on adult knees than the hard floor.  (Aaaannd... probably better to fall back on for Audrey, too.)  When she spits up on it, we can easily wipe it clean instead of having to wash a blanket.  This has solved a lot of little problems for us!

Aside from chewing on everything, Audrey is really into peekaboo these days.  It's pretty good.  It has become our new life goal to make her laugh, because it's the BEST little sound.  I'm thinking about trying to attach a mirror to the wall next to the bookshelf, so that she can see herself.  Baby In The Mirror is a really cool kid, and Audrey is always pleased to see her.

P.S. After a night and day of grumpiness, I realized that Audrey is getting another tooth.  This is her third, all on the bottom.  None of them have popped through yet.  No wonder she's been a little grouch!  I wish they would come on through...

P.P.S. What have I missed while I was away?!


  1. It's so crazy to me that she already has so many teeth coming up! Babies, stop growing so fast :(
    I think I might get one of those mats for Mathias to play on--most of our house is carpet and we don't like to put him directly on the floor anyway because of puppy germs.

  2. It looks great! Being adaptable is the number one best thing to be when you're a parent. No joke. Otherwise those little tots will outsmart us and leave us all in the dust! Funny that Audrey needs bouncing- my first was like that and we got absolutely no use out of our rocking chair so we moved it into our living room! But my second and third little guys love it!

  3. I'm convinced you never really know what you're going to need until you're in the moment actually experiencing life with your little one. Being flexible and open to doing what works is where it's at for sure. I love that Dino Play Mat! So, so cute. We have a similar set up, but with alphabet matting. It works perfectly for Ezra in his bedroom. Glad to hear you're having so much fun with Audrey! It's just a blast when they start to really play!

  4. They do change constantly and I find myself shuffling stuff around all the time. Love your Dino mats :) she's getting big- glad you guys are having fun hanging out!


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