Monday, June 4, 2012

The Things We Did in Memphis

Donuts were eaten, late at night (sans baby, and with Emily!)

Robert and I had a breakfast date here.  It's kind of a tradition!

Audrey went on a swing at the park.

Robert turned 31 and was very handsome.

This is all somewhat old news.  Life has been hopping lately, keeping me on my toes!  There have been recent days where I haven't touched my laptop at all.  Gasp!  (Don't worry, I had my phone and also cheated occasionally by using Robert's computer... There's no real unplugging around here.)  Audrey is going through her 6-month growth spurt and consequently I'm not getting quite enough sleep.  This weekend we had a scary moment when Robert cut his hand on a bread knife and I realized how LITTLE I know about first aid.  I knew to put pressure on it, but that was about it.  He had to go to an urgent care clinic and have it glued shut.  Ew?  Not quite bad enough for stitches.  The neighbor guy, who is very awesome and handy, has been over at our house all day installing a new air conditioning unit for us.  It's busy stuff! 

It's JUNE already.  How did that happen?  My brain can't keep up!


  1. I like Audrey's HAT! What a cute BB.

  2. I like the hat too! I'm with you on the first aid- I took baby CPR when I was pregnant and remember zero... I hope my skills are never tested.

  3. So, I didn't know they could glue a cut shut... Interesting. I guess better than stitches??? And I have NO idea how it's June already. It's really kind of ridiculous how fast this year is going.


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