Thursday, May 17, 2012

I love my little family

My two favorite people!

It seems really lucky that I get to live with my two favorite people in the world and see them all the time.  I'll admit that Audrey has not always been in the Top 2.  But she is definitely there now!  She actually cheered me up this morning when I was feeling down; she has become a REAL person!  Hanging out with a newborn can leave you a little lonely, but once the baby knows how to smile and laugh and practically crawl into your lap...  She is definitely very dear to me. We tell each other jokes by growling and making puppy noises.  Yesterday, "woof" was the funniest thing she'd ever heard.

And ohmigosh, I can't even brag about Robert enough.  I won't even try.  But look, he wrote me this story for Mother's Day.  We read it over breakfast (homemade cinnamon rolls!) and it totally made me cry.  You don't have to read it, and I don't even know if it will be impressive to anyone else because it's so personal (and also steeped in duck metaphors).  But it was just the sweetest thing ever.  I am so lucky to have found this guy.  Where did he even come from!?  He's probably not even human.

Sorry for posting about mother's day twice in a row!  I had something else planned but it kind of fell through... Maybe later! 

P.S.!!  That necklace I'm wearing?  Robert also got me two wooden teething necklaces from here so that I can wear jewelry now (and it's totally fine if Audrey tries to eat it)!  Pretty neat!

P.P.S. Robert doesn't just happen to be an amazing gift-giver...  I requested both the necklaces and a story!  (And he was sweet enough to oblige.)  I like to give hints about what I want.  Only way you'll ever get it.  :) 


  1. First off, such a sweet picture! I totally understand what you mean about living with your favorite people. I could (and do) spend all day everyday with my boys.

    How are those teething necklaces working out so far? I've heard of them before but I haven't known anyone who has them yet. Mathias just tries to suck on my arms and gnaws on Sophie the Giraffe's knees. He's been a bit fussy at night and hasn't been sleeping as well, so I tried feeling his gums for teeth and he just chewed on my finger.

    I give hints for gifts too :) I told Matt I wanted a camera--but he tends to get my gifts and give them to me when I tell him what I want as opposed to waiting for the actual holiday. Silly man.

    1. He may be starting to teethe, especially if he's drooling a lot! Audrey's front two teeth on the bottom are coming through. :) She likes the necklace! It's just something she can grab on to and play with (/chew) while I'm holding her. The only thing is that these are made of hemp, and I have seriously worried that she's going to give my neck a rope burn from pulling on it.. haha.

  2. I thought your necklace was cute but couldn't imagine why you were letting Audrey chew on it! That's awesome!

    You guys are like my favorite couple/family ever.


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