Thursday, May 24, 2012

High On Thrifting Thursday [vol. 2]

Last week we went on a little thrifting trip as a family!  I was going to go alone, but talked Robert into coming since I wasn't planning to spend a lot of time there.  He gets soooo bored if I'm looking at clothes, but this time I was going to do a quick glance at furniture and baby clothes.  Nothing that requires too much time! That is probably one of my favorite things about baby clothes: you don't have to try them on.  Most of the time, everything works out peachy.  (Though those green shorts are definitely a bit snug on Audrey for being "6-12 months" - hmph!)

Some basics for Audrey

I just packed away all of Audrey's 3 month clothes since she fits into 6 month now...  Which means there is A LOT of room in her closet.  We mainly seemed to amass newborn and 3 month sized clothes before she was born. We have a fair amount of clothes that fit her now, but after this stage the selection is pretty thin -- I probably have a handful of items in each of the next few sizes.  SO!  I'm on the hunt for 9 & 12 month clothes, because baby needs to stay dressed!  (Although I suppose it would be socially acceptable for her to just hang out in a diaper, but that's kinda sad.)  So I grabbed a bunch of basic clothes for her that I know we'll be using in just a little while. 

Baby included for size comparison

While I was pawing through the baby clothes,  Robert and Audrey found a puzzle they wanted.  I held Audrey while Robert opened the box and counted out all the pieces.  "Sorry," he said, "I'm a puzzlehound."  TRUTH.  Anyway, it's a Melissa & Doug floor puzzle!  In perfect condition... for a dollar?  Yay!

Robert also found a couple of books he wanted, and all of this totaled up to less than $10! We're still not exactly sure how that happened, but we were pleased.  It made me want to say, "good prices," which is something I've started doing after hearing Robert muttering that to himself at the grocery store check out.  You guys, he's going to make the cutest little old man in the world one day.  He's practicing so hard.

Scored any good deals lately?


  1. that "good prices" business made me want to laugh out loud :) nice finds! we're in the same boat, little miss is rockin 3-6 months now with plenty of clothes but we don't have loads of anything in the next sizes!

  2. We have plenty of 9-12 month clothes, but hardly any 6-9... Whoops! Honestly, most of our clothes for Mathias were gifts--except for his newborn and 0-3 month stuff. Both of our families have been sending us clothes for him since I was like 2 months pregnant!

    I wish I could participate in the High on Thrifting Thursday, but I haven't gone thrifting in a long time. Sadness.

  3. Love that puzzle! I have a ton of 18 month stuff, but basically nothing to get us through the summer. It's funny how these little gaps appear in their wardrobe. Oops! I'm right there with you, looking for basics to get us by. If nothing else, they are still pretty darn cute in their diapers! Ha!


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