Friday, March 2, 2012

my two favorite monkeys

Practicing for warmer weather - sailor hat!
Helping make cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning.
There they go...
Sometimes I happen upon the most amazing scenes.  Yesterday evening I left Robert and Audrey to their own devices while I took a nice long shower.  When I got out, I found them in the living room... Robert was pushing Audrey around in her stroller, singing to her and watching Michael Jackson's This Is It.

I can't imagine anything more hilarious than that.  I love these two so much! 


  1. There is something so beautiful about a father and his baby. I was completely shocked by how much I wanted to cry every time I saw James hanging out with Wyatt and it lasted for months. I thought it was hormones but now when I see pictures like your's I get choked up so I guess it stuck! That's a sweet little pair you have.

  2. Oh, these photos are great! I agree that there is something incredibly special about watching your partner and child together. Seeing that relationship grow and develop into its own little thing (filled with silly songs, funny faces, and inside "jokes") is so beautiful and often hilarious.

  3. such cute father and daughter photos!


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