Friday, March 30, 2012


Weird story: Once upon a time... I was having a little crafting party with a friend.  This was before the baby came along, so Robert didn't have anything to do.  He decided to do a little crafting of his own, and drew a fabulous self portrait with crayons.  Underneath his face, he used stencils to spell out LOVELY.

We were greatly amused.  Alexandra asked to borrow the picture so that she could make some copies to put on people's desks at work.  (They're co-worker buddies!)  Just one or two people, we thought.  But the following week, nearly everyone at the office had a copy of this bad boy.  Even people that Robert didn't know... they began recognizing him because they'd seen the picture around!  Portraits of other coworkers were commissioned.  It was an exciting time.

One day Robert showed up at work, and everyone had one of these shirts.  His boss decided to surprise him by having t-shirts made for everyone on the team.  We each own one now, and wear them often.  In fact, when I was pregnant I often felt like a little totem pole... under my head was a drawing of my husband's, and then there was the big baby bump.  Robert's coworkers made it their mission to wear these shirts out into the world and go as many strange places as possible with them.  One girl actually got baptized wearing the Lovely shirt.  It's been on camping trips.  It was present at the hospital when Audrey was born.  And this morning...

Someone took it to New York and went to a taping of the Today show!  So Robert's little cartoon face appeared on TV.  What a happy surprise!  For a little inside joke this has really gone far.  It's too bad that the t-shirt doesn't have gold glitter on the mustache like the original drawing...

Happy Friday!


  1. That is awesome! Too funny, I want to see the drawing up close :)

  2. I love that picture so much. Is there a place online where I can still buy the shirt? I know some custom apparel places leave them available, or there's an option to or something.

    1. I'll have to investigate... I'm sure we could find more people who want them! Got to make Robert a pop icon...

  3. Ha! That is totally awesome! I love the idea of this shirt so much. Kudos to your lovely husband!


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