Thursday, March 15, 2012

just another Thursday...

Getting ready for summer
Baby sunglasses really cheer me up.  Audrey has another pair that are huge, and she always looks like a tiny Elton John when she wears them.  I can't control my laughter when they're on her head.

So, here's another week that's flying by, full of good intentions that keep getting put off... I need to get organized!  I feel like my brain is crazy and scattered lately, but it's a little bit fun.  The only time I really feel ON IT is when I've just had a huge cup of coffee.  At least we're getting a ton of sunshine lately!  I don't know what happened to the remainder of that sad excuse for a winter, but it's been in the 80s here lately.  Is it warm where you are?  Weather report!

Okay, carry on.  I have an exersaucer to assemble! 


  1. Dude she is straight up lounging. Are you cool with that attitude? She is LOUNGING.

  2. I loved sunglasses too. At about 8 months he dedided there was no way he was wearing them anymore :) She looks super cute. We did have some warm weather but now it's cold and gray. I think we've got some sunnier days ahead though.

  3. So CUTE! We've actually been having record breaking highs for this time of year in MO. It's been amazing!

  4. Baby sunglasses are pretty much the cutest. :-) The weather's been crazy nice here. My dog has been going nuts with all the birds, and he basically wants to be outside 24/7. It's driving my husband and me nuts, but we're getting a fence put in soon, so we'll be able to turn him loose out there whenever we're home. ;-)


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