Friday, March 9, 2012

jumble of thoughts [baby, baby, baby]

Thoughtful baby.

I blinked twice and a whole week passed me by!  But here I am!  Exhausted but happy on a Friday night.  Audrey started laughing this afternoon.  All week she's been building up to it; every once in a while when she was happy I'd hear a sort of half chuckle - a "huh!" sound between smiles.  And then suddenly today, there were giggles.  And life is all sunshine and lollipops now!  (Remind me of that when she wakes me up in a few hours.)

Bath time was also lovely today.  Audrey has enjoyed taking baths for a couple of months now, but she ALWAYS cries when we take her out to dry off.  We just expect a little tantrum.  But today, there were no tears!  No fussing at all.  I suppose we're both getting better at it.  I swear, if a baby senses your fear or anxiety, they freak out.  I was very calm with her and let her look out the bathroom window while I dried her off.  Getting her bathed and dried off and dressed with no crying?  Big breakthrough!!

Every new bit of her personality that shines through pleases me so much!  It's amazing how much she has changed and grown in the last three and a half months since she was born.  And it's amazing how quickly we adjust to each new phase.  Sometimes even prematurely.. she's slept all night 3 times so far and I keep expecting her to do it again - haha. Wishful thinking!


I hope everyone has a lovely, restful weekend.  Check back here in the next few days for something a little more exciting than this!!


  1. Oh, this is lovely. Takes me back. You're right, as parents we change and adapt to each new phase so quickly forgetting all that is behind us. That first laugh seems like a million years ago at this point. Ha! Isn't it so wonderful when little bits of personality really start to shine through? Wishing you a restful and happy weekend with that adorable little one!

  2. Ahh, I love her facial expression in the second picture!! And here's hoping she has some more all-night sleeps soon. ;-)

  3. It's such a thrill when they start to really express joy of their own and you feel like you're getting genuine reactions. She is adorable!


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