Monday, February 6, 2012

paper flowers and pinwheels

Time for a Baby Sloth History Test, for those hardcore readers with a good memory.... Do you recall this post?  Nearly 3 years ago, a lovely lady sent me some cookies to help promote her Etsy shop.  Now Lauren is back with a new shop called Ellie Soo!  She contacted me about helping promote her shop again, and I was more than happy to sign up for some free samples and business cards.  Today I received this sweet package in the mail.

Ellie Soo specializes in handmade cards and gift sets.  Lauren has put together some really neat little gift baskets that you can have sent directly to friends and loved ones.  Whether you want to wish someone well or show your love, she's got you covered with origami rose bouquets and feel-better gift sets! 

Origami rose bouquet!
My favorite things in her shop right now are these sweet sets of origami roses.  The stems are made from pens or markers and colored pencils.  Such a cool idea!  Head on over and check out her shop!

This post brought to you by a baby that takes real naps* now!!!  Not pictured.
*As opposed to fake naps (sleeping in my arms all day long).  I finally figured out how to put Audrey down to sleep in her crib, and it's awesome.  I have time to DO things!!

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  1. Wow that was fast. The post office is on top of things! Thanks for the feature!


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