Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's almost october...

But here are some pictures from September-- just a few little things that have piled up on my camera. It's been a nice, quiet month.

A mysterious cat came to visit our backyard! [blurry effect thanks to the window screen]

The cat was gone by the time I went out to meet him, but I rediscovered the amazingness of our big tree.

Spying on Robert through some flowers.

Finally framed this print, which I got for my birthday. It's in our bedroom, and the green sky matches the wall.

I drew this monkey and was really impressed with myself. You can't see it, but he has glitter highlights. Been working through this book about drawing (which was also a birthday present)!

And finally, the new friend who's gracing the walls of our hallway. Another birthday gift -- it was a good birthday!

The weather is getting nice and cool here! My sister and her husband will be coming to visit us at the end of next week, and staying for a few days. I'm fairly excited about everything. How have you all been? I think this is a really fun time of year, when the seasons change.


  1. Fun photos! love the goat print. Fall is my most favorite time of the year where I can decorate the house for the coming holidays.

  2. I love your DARK CARNIVAL print, JK. But really, it's awesome. I liked some of that series too... where'd you get the frame?

  3. Nifty nifty photos, and I loooove that goat!

  4. Oh your back yard looks like heaven - especially seeing as it has a pussy cat in it! :0) Love your B'day prsents! The Black Apple and Berkley Illustrations - I have a "Kenny" print from that awesome ilustrator Ryan - what a talent he is!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Both the prints you have on your wall are all sorts of amazingness! And cheesy as it sounds I never tire of looking up at the canopies of trees with the light streaming through their leaves and being completely in awe.

  6. I feel bad for being behind on blog reading too! I love seeing snippets of your days through these photos. That print you got for your birthday is so gorgeous!

    Hope you're well! xo

  7. I love your birthday print, and your big tree :)

  8. Great camera build up Rebecca! I love love all the prints you got for your Birthday... the little goat eating his tie especially. I want!

  9. Beautiful pictures !


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