Thursday, September 2, 2010

fall fashion inspiration

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes on my last entry! I had a great day and being 24 has been nice so far.

I just wanted to pop in and do something fashion related. When's the last time I talked about fashion here?! It's been quite a while. I've been having fun dressing up for work lately -- I just haven't had any time for pictures! But this is something neat.

Anja over at Clever Nettle is participating in a Polyvore fall fashion contest, and anybody who wants can help contribute. My first collage (made during breakfast this morning) is above. I haven't had much time to play around with it since, but this is FUN. Go over to her blog and use the mini editor to make a nice set! She's filled it with her favorite fall clothes, and it's a really great collection. The blogger with the best entries in their collection will receive a $1000 gift card, as well as a $1000 gift card to give out to one reader. So! Head over and check it out if you're so inclined.*

I'm pretty excited about the upcoming season! It's starting to cool down a bit here, and I'm loving it. The trees are doing that magical thing, too! You know the thing!! Where a bunch of leaves fall in slow motion and it makes you excited about life?

*This is NOT my contest; I am simply directing folks over to Anja's blog because she thought it would be fun to have a lot of people contribute! :) Should she win, she will receive the gift cards and choose a reader to win one!

EDIT: [days later...] Here is another set I made! I like this one much better. However, today, September 6th, is pretty much the last day to contribute! It's still fun to play around with.


  1. I am quite envious that you guys are going into Autumn! We have had our first couple of warmish days here and I've been so unprepared it makes me yearn for the cold again! I think I'm a bit neurotic! Anyway, this is a lovely selection you've got here! I'll go check out the comp. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Love your outfit creation Rebecca... especially that coat! I'm off to visit Clever Nettle now. ♥

  3. What a cute outfit that would make! I'm happy I came across your blog :)
    And the color of your background is one of my favorite colors!


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