Monday, November 21, 2011

Dreamy Thanksgiving Foods

Startling fact: In just a couple of days, a baby will live in my house. I’m being induced tomorrow morning!  We are beyond excited. While we get settled and adjusted, it might be quiet here for a little while. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thursday is Thanksgiving, and hopefully we'll be coming home from the hospital that morning. My parents will be in town, so we’re going to throw together an impromptu meal.

Have you tried kabocha or delicata squash before? I like winter squash!

For those of you who have Thanksgiving plans, what’s on the menu? Look, my plans are a bit up in the air right now so I have to settle with some food fantasizing! I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve never really enjoyed traditional Thanksgiving food. That’s not actually a secret; it’s been a joke in my family for years. While everyone else would pile up their plates with food, I usually just had a few bites of turkey and one or two dinner rolls. Dessert was the only part I cared about. But last year Robert and I hosted Thanksgiving for his family, and we came up with a menu that everyone really enjoyed!!

We ordered a country ham from Benton’s and then made a bunch of neat side dishes. [If you are a carnivore, you have to try Benton’s bacon at some point in your life. It’s made of magic.] For sides we had honey wheat rolls (so good with butter!), these awesome sweet potatoes with pecans and goat cheese, some kind of stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and a salad made with broccolini and sun dried tomatoes. And dessert? Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake. Need I say more? (Wait, I will: it has a crust made of ginger snaps!) It was awesome!

This year we’re going to keep it easy for ourselves. I’m sure I’ll be in a daze and everything will be crazy, so we might just have to wing it. But as of now Robert is planning to make a pizza… Yes, pizza! Butternut squash pizza, of course. We have to keep it autumnal around here. This is one of our go-to recipes, though we usually skip the sage and replace the gorgonzola with feta or chevre.  We’re REALLY hoping to have time to make this salted caramel cheesecake pie (just look at it!), but just to be on the safe side we bought a frozen pie for backup. Pie is pretty much the only staple for a Thanksgiving meal, in my opinion.

So what’s on your menu? Whether you go the traditional turkey route or do something a little different, I hope everyone has a lovely day and gets some quality time with family! We’ll be focused on a new little family member over here, so the food will just be a side note.

I feel like I have so much to be thankful for this year!  You know, aside from food.  Happy Early Thanksgiving!


  1. I'm GLAD that traditional T-giving meals aren't high on your priority list... because your new little one will probably HATE tradition T-giving food!! Take it from a T-giving baby!! Though my birthday only falls on the actual Holiday every 7yrs (?) or so, I grew up getting stuck with Turkey and the works for the big family party-get together... the mashed potatoes, sweet rolls & pecan pie are the only parts that I like 8-0 !!
    Best Wishes! and WELCOME BABY!

  2. I love all the traditional Thanksgiving food. I could pretty much live on turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes. ;-) This year the husband and I will be getting a double dose of that - an early dinner at my parents' place and a later dinner at his parents'!

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

  3. Congrats and good luck tomorrow! :D
    This is our first Thanksgiving in our new apartment, but my fiance and I decided to take it easy this year and just relax. Maybe we will go out for dinner or make pizza too! We are not the traditional type. lol. :)

  4. Oh, good luck, Rebecca! I love all of the traditional Thanksgiving food, so you would have been welcome at our house - more for me! Looking forward to seeing photos of your new arrival - happy Thanksgiving!

  5. First of all- congrats on your new arrival- how exciting to bring a lil one home (I was freaked out about it with my first, but I think that was the hormones- haha).

    Your menu sounds SO good- sweet potatoes with pecans and goat cheese??!! I like it all, but especially appreciate pumpkin pie since it only makes its way around once a year :D and pecan pie....mmmm....pure sugar. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. I wish we could come over for Thanksgiving dinner! We will have lunch at a fancy hotel buffet by the sea, then maybe make it in time for turkey etc at our aunt's.

  7. Everything sounds amazing.

    We have duck and noodles every year (the Asian side of my family) and tamales and Spanish rice (the Mexican side) and for my husband's family we have American food!


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