Tuesday, July 17, 2012

quick comparison

New Year's Eve - just a little over a month old.
Tonight - almost 8 months old!

Sorry for the crummy pictures -- when I took this one tonight I just knew I had to go back and compare to when Robert first started carrying Audrey around on his shoulders. We spent New Year's Eve at home alone with the baby, and it was such a strange time.  We'd barely begun adjusting to being parents and hanging out with a newborn...  We ALMOST made it to midnight.  Robert decided to put Audrey on his shoulders, which was a mistake because she spit up in his hair (a mistake he continued to make), but it was also very exciting because she was acting interested in looking at things on high up shelves. 

Anyway, here we are 7 months later.  What a difference a matter of months can make in a baby!  It's amazing.  It's also really weird to go back and look at Audrey as a newborn, because in my mind she has always looked the same.  But she was totally tiny and wrinkly.  :)  Still precious!


  1. So amazing! When I look back on Wyatt's early baby pictures I don't even think he was cute :) At the time I thought he was adorable but when he became more of a chubby baby that little newborn was like an alien in retrospect. Oh and bald baby's rock! We finally have a little hair but it took forever.

  2. She's enormous! Soon Robert will be riding on HER shoulders! Hahahahahaha


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