Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day, a little late

Just as I'd expected, Robert is turning out to be pretty much the cutest dad ever.  KNEW IT.  You can read about his first Father's Day here!  We tried to make the day special for him and had a really good time doing some major relaxing at home.

Audrey will be 7 months old on Friday!  As far as babies go, I think she's.... a jock.  I don't even know how it happened, but she is so crazy physically advanced.  Part of me loves it, because she is basically already a toddler.  Part of me is terrified, because she is an almost-7 month old who can almost walk.  Which means LOTS of accidents, because she doesn't understand gravity at all.  She takes her falls pretty well, but this morning she launched herself over the side of our bed before I could grab her, and it was scary seeing her little body crumple between the wall and bed.  So scary.  But luckily she seems to be fine!  And I spent the rest of the day with at least one hand on her at all time.  Really; I couldn't even get out of my pajamas until noon.  She has a little bump on her head but has been acting completely normal... 

Audrey is a little wild thing.  I feel so happy when I see bits of her personality emerging.  Even if I'm imagining them -- like this morning when I asked her for a kiss and she sort of licked my cheek so I cheered YAY for her and it looked like she was clapping.  She totally doesn't know how to give kisses or clap yet, but I know she will soon and I am so excited about everything that's ahead for her!!

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