Monday, July 26, 2010


New record: almost a month without blogging!! Sorry, everyone: it just sort of happened. I've been out of my online habits lately, and I think that's actually a good thing for me. When I'm keeping busy in real life, I don't feel like I need this outlet. But now that I actually have a day off with no plans, I'll share some pretty pictures from the last few weeks! Just a tiny peek.

Recently I have...

...let some giant sunflowers take over the kitchen

...had some zinnias hanging around in a jar

...discovered a fallen robin's nest

...spied a giant butterfly

...attended a gorgeous wedding

...blueberry waffles!!

...been moth-watching...

...AND MORE! Much much more. Those were just the pretty bits. Now for the apologies: sorry I haven't been around to visit everyone! I actually haven't been reading blogs, because I know I won't have time to comment in any sort of meaningful way. Didn't mean to disappear like that, but I just haven't felt too much like talking lately. Everything is good over here. I'm being contentedly quiet.


  1. hey Rebecca, it's nice to see your post today, love your pretty photos too seems like your enjoying summer.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! And no need for apologies - while it was great to see your post, given a choice between neglecting a blog and neglecting real life, I'd say it's better to choose the former! :-)

  3. These are utterly lovely Rebecca! Thank you so much for sharing! I've got to say though, that the stand out photo for me is that robin's nest - I can't believe the colour of those eggs!! Utter heaven!! Robin egg blue - I now understand what that means. ...and no need for appologies when you come back with such a treasure trove of photos!

  4. Contentedly quiet is a good thing. Lovely photos - sounds as if you're living right.

  5. These photos are wonderful Rebecca! The colours of those flowers and the robin's eggs are really stunning.
    ...and yum!! - I bet those blueberry waffles are delicious. It sure looks like it :)

    Glad to hear you're doing well xoxo

  6. Those are gorgeous bits Rebecca! It's good to hear all is great there too... blog breaks are needed, I totally understand. Now I need some waffles!

  7. It's great to hear you are doing well! Lovely photos! I'm glad you are back - I've missed reading your posts! :) I know what you mean about not wanting to blog though - life gets really busy for me, and I just don't feel like taking the time to post.

  8. The robin's egg is so amazing, we would never see this in California.

    I'm happy to hear you are keeping busy! The internet will always be here, too!


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