Thursday, April 19, 2012

High on Thrifting Thursday

I haven't done a ton of thrifting since Audrey was born -- at least, not just for fun.  Early on I made a couple of frantic runs to the thrift store near our house in a quick search for cheap, comfy clothes that would fit me and be fine for lazing around the house with a messy baby.  But only recently have I gotten back into my habit of going every once in a while just to look around and see what I can see!  A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to do just that, and these are the things I found...

For Audrey
This little embroidered smock is just adorable... I have no idea if it will actually fit Audrey, but honestly I don't think we'll ever find out.  She's at the height of her spitting up and drooling phase, so everything is pretty messy right now and I don't exactly want to put her in fancy clothes!  But I couldn't pass this up, and I think it would look lovely on a vintage hanger in a nursery.  The pants are just cute, and will fit her in a few months.


For me
I found two dresses for myself.  I'm trying to find more comfortable dresses that are easy to wear.  In my past life, I had a lot of frilly things that were completely unsuitable for hanging out with babies.  Those have been pushed to the back of the closet, just in case I ever need fancy clothes.  I've already had some fun wearing this red dress and layering it with cardigans and tights!  And the other dress....


 This is the first maxi dress I've ever owned.  (Wait, scratch that- I had a neat Gunne Sax prairie-style maxi dress back in high school.  But we're not counting that as real life.)  It is RIDICULOUS and so so comfortable.  I have to be honest.. I tried it on at the thrift store, but I was in a room without mirrors and I was a little too nervous to step out into the common area in this and check it out.  But it was cheap and fun so it came home with me.  And it looks amazing.  I'll probably never wear it out of the house, but it's pretty exciting for the weekends and comfy times [i.e. every day].

And for Robert!
Every time I go somewhere without Robert, he asks me, "What did you bring me?" when I get home.  So I was happy to report that I actually DID get something for him this time.  Just a cheap shirt that he can wear to work.  But it's got stripes, I like it, and it fits him.  That's about the best I can ask for when it comes to clothes for Robert.  He doesn't give a care about fashion!  I've sort of had fun picking things out for him in the last few months.  I've decided that if he doesn't care about what he wears, I'm at least going to try to have an influence on it...

All of these items totaled $17.85.  The cheapster in me thinks I could have done better, but I know that all of these things at full price would have been a lot more, and they're all as good as new!  This is my first time to link up to Mandy's blog for High on Thrifting Thursday!  Can't wait to participate again.  :)  Go visit her and see what everyone else has scored recently at thrift shops!


  1. Ahhh great finds! I am looking at your dresses and thinking "I am jealous!" also the embroidered smock is just darling

  2. That smock is beautiful! Great finds- looks like a lot of fun too.

  3. The little baby dress is so sweet and those dresses for you look so comfy but stylish! I can totally relate to everything you said about Robert's opinion on fashion. My husband just doesn't care, which is great news for me as I get to choose everything he buys! Not in a controlling way, it's just I get enjoyment out of choosing his clothes and I'm not wasting money on things for myself that I don't need. The trouble is I end up buying him similar clothes to mine... he now has far too many striped t-shirts :)

    1. Oh yes, I love stripes! Notice we all got something with stripes. :)

  4. Yay thrifting! I also have had to move many pretty frilly things to the back of my closet, but you can still have lots of fun with babe appropriate gear. Those dresses are totally adorable and look super comfy (a new mama must)! Great finds!

  5. What great finds! I would totally hang that adorable smock in baby girl's nursery! In fact, I have a vintage chambray shirt that is hanging in baby E's nursery right now because it only fit him for one week and I can't bear to part with it! Also, love the red dress. It would look adorable with some polka-dotted tights or a striped cardigan!


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