Monday, April 23, 2012

Audrey Meets Some Goats

Is this okay?!

Yesterday marked Audrey's 5th month birthday, and her first REAL adventure.  We went out to Noble Springs Dairy to see some goats!  It was my first time back in several months.  I was helping out in the cheese room last year while I was pregnant with Audrey.  (In fact, I was there when a PBS crew came out last spring to film some stuff!  You might catch a glimpse of me for half a second here in a hairnet and jumpsuit...)  Anyway, it was a beautiful but chilly day and we had a lot of fun! 

We let Audrey pet a goat and it licked her hand... She was skeptical of this activity and quickly lost interest.  I was hovering with a wipe, ready to clean her up!!  In fact, I barely touched the goats at all because I wanted to keep my hands baby friendly.  I miss cuddling up to baby goats!  I'll have to go back on my own some time soon.

Family barn picture.

If you've never met a baby goat, you definitely should!  They're the friendliest little creatures.  Here is a link to our first visit, back in 2009.  I had no idea back then that we'd become such good friends with Justyne and Dustin.  I'm so glad to have goat cheese buddies!  They're real sweethearts.  And here are some more baby goat pictures from a couple of years ago.  Ahhh, baby goats!


  1. Baby goats + baby human, all in the same post? My heart just melted a little. :-)

    I used to want a pet goat soooo badly when I was little. For some reason, my parents wouldn't go for it...

  2. Adorable babies all around! This looks like so much fun! Audrey looks a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but oh, it's just so cute. Glad you guys had a good time!


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