Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is starting the week out in a pleasant way. I just needed to show you some pictures of chickens.

As you may have gathered by now, I've got connections with some wonderful people who make goat cheese. I've started helping them on Fridays, and whenever I drive up to the farm, I'm greeted first thing by chickens.

I think this little one was ready to hop in the car with me.

They immediately run up to anyone who arrives. They're really curious!

They're as pretty as can be, for chickens.

They're also a little crazy, and like to lay their eggs in various barns where no one can find them.

They're very happy little chickens! Sorry, no recent pictures of the baby goats... though the last time I saw them, they were beginning to look like teenaged goats. Really, some are getting beards and some look like they have mohawks - real tough guys!! I've been leaving my camera in the car [thus the photos taken from the driver's seat] more often now, because it's silly to carry it around when I'm there to work... or even to just hang out -- it's kind of like taking pictures of a friend's house every time you go over: makes you seem a little kooky!


  1. very cool! fresh goat cheese is the best! every time i visit my sister we get about three big logs of it :D how fun to be part of making it.

  2. Love these piccies! I looked at it and immediately felt like drawing a picture with a heap of chickens in it!! Perhaps we might see a photo of a the teen goats next time! :0)

  3. I feel weird taking pics too of someone else's place it seemed like invasion of privacy, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

  4. Love these cutie pies! Chickens have so much sparkiness!

  5. My mum has 3 chickens - nothing like fresh eggs - yummo!

  6. i'm very behind on reading, but this is such a treat to visit to.
    I wonder how the eggs tastes- much better than grocery bought i bet


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