Sunday, May 31, 2009


It's fairly safe to say I've been incredibly unfocused in the last couple of days. Tomorrow will be June, and I've got family coming to visit at the end of the week! Here are some pictures from around the house this weekend.

Look what I got around to hanging up this morning! It suddenly came to me that we needed to have a cross-stitch wall. Best Friend pendants flocking a wedding gift from my mother-in-law!

And this all takes place above the dresser. The dresser which I bought and painted in February and failed to show you until now. It was $50 at a thrift shop, which I felt was a bit too much (for stingy old me)... but it's so amazing! It's real wood and it's very sturdy and well-made. And now it's the prettiest shade of blue! My favorite part is all the fake drawers - there are actually only 6. Figure that out!

This is me just playing around with the camera after readings posts about self-portraits and the new numbers assignment for Souvenir Foto on the Blah, Blah, Blahg... Funny thing: I tend to only do self-portraits on days when I like my hair.

Robert had to go buy some spices at an Indian store today, and everything came in this bag. The cutest plastic bag I've ever seen! I will actually withhold from recycling this one, I think.

Speaking of spices and such, we're gearing up to take pictures of the dinner process tonight! Still no name for the food blog, so it hasn't come into existence yet!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

a bushel of yummy things

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! We've been staying quite busy. This morning we picked up our first CSA delivery of the season! (If you don't know what a CSA is, you can read this older post!) Right now we're mostly getting salad greens and some spices (oregano and cilantro).

We've planned our meals for this week around what we got... and this morning Robert and I were sort of laying out a plan for a food blog! I'm really excited about it. As soon as we think of a good name for the blog (any ideas?), we'll be posting a recipe! I'm thinking we will probably do 1 or 2 posts a week, depending on what we're making. And of course, you will all be the first ones to know about it!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

cookies in the mail

Today was another one of those days where I came home to a lovely package in the mail! That's always exciting, especially when it's something with the word "perishable" on the box.

Lauren of Betty Mae Artistry is currently trying to promote her new shop: For You, With Love. She asked for help on her blog. The idea is simple: place some coupons around your town and you are rewarded with COOKIES! I'm sure if you've perused my blog you know that I cannot say no to sugar, plus Lauren is very nice!

And that is why I'm holding these cute little Marionberry Jam spiral cookies in my hand! They're *really* yummy... I had a couple when they first got here, and it took a lot of self-restraint to not start eating them immediately after I took this photo!

If you would like to help, here are the details. You can find a form to fill out on her blog if you're interested! Thank you, Lauren! I promise I'll be leaving your coupons around Nashville! [She even included push pins!]

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

shiny new shoes

I bought some new shoes today at Target! I think they're a pretty good mix of cute and functional. I needed something comfortable for work days. Plus they're shiny, in a good sort of way!

I'm having the hardest time staying focused today. Finally got around to taking some pictures for my Etsy shop, but I probably won't add any new items until tomorrow. Suddenly wanting to keep certain things I was planning to sell. I'm bein' bad! I think I'm also eating too much cake, but it's so delicious.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

birthday party

Today has been one of the longest, most productive days Robert and I have had in a really long time. Between the two of us we helped a friend move, went to work, sent out some packages, and had a job interview. However, this evening has been fun and relaxing, and here is a little proof.

Above: How I set the table this morning before I went to work. Vintage table cloth, Robert's one present (isn't that sad?) and a special birthday crown. I was hoping to make a few surprise presents and a card for him this morning, but I failed. Bad!!

His birthday cake! Carrot with cream cheese frosting. So so good - he made it himself, of course, but he let me decorate it! I was lazy: just swirled the frosting and threw on some vintage cake decorations. Little green baby heads go with every occasion, right?

The one present! It's little, but it's special. I've been wanting to write about it on my blog for so long but it was a surprise! I got these little best friend needlepoint decorations at thegreatnorthern on etsy - their whole shop is Twin Peaks themed. This is supposed to be like Laura Palmer's necklace! Everything in their shop is hilarious/adorable!! We haven't decided where to put these yet, but I'll let you know if they find a place on the wall to live!

Look at my birthday boy!!! Officially 28. I asked him if he wanted to wear the crown and he told me that he'd actually been wondering if he could all afternoon! So I made him put on this "cape" and pose for me. It's okay that I treat him like a 5 year old because it's consensual and we both act that age.

These are some friends that showed up for the party. Pillow Monster and Gremmy! Pillow Monster is a friend I made for Robert a few years ago, and Gremmy is something we got on Etsy to replace one of his childhood toys. It's Gizmo from Gremlins!! Happy Birthday, buddy! [I have promised him we will have a post-birthday party tomorrow.]

Monday, May 25, 2009

pictures from the weekend

We're back from our little trip! Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on the last post - they were great to receive throughout the weekend when I checked my email! Here are some pictures from the trip.

We spent one night in a very small town and then headed to Memphis to spend a couple of days with Robert's family. We ate waaay too much good stuff!

Temporary baby dinosaur tattoo!

Birthday ice cream...

This was also a sort of an early birthday thing for Robert - tomorrow's his big day!

German chocolate cake

I wanted to check out the thrift stores in some small towns, but didn't really get around to it. We did some shopping in Memphis, and I bought a bunch of old wooden hangers that I thought were kind of neat. I also bought a dress, but when we got here and unpacked I realized it wasn't in the bag! I'm thinking they forgot to bag it with the hangers and I just didn't notice. Oh well, it was only $3.

Now.... we'll just be recovering. I have a lot of blog-reading to catch up on, and hopefully I'll do an Etsy shop update this week!

Friday, May 22, 2009

one year down

Robert and I have been married for 1 year today! It feels very strange to be a year away from our wedding, and yet I'm glad to be here. I think I can safely say this has been the happiest year of my life! And I'm pretty sure the next one will be even better. A few people asked how we met, and about our love story and whatnot, so I thought today would be a nice time to share!

I've actually known Robert since I was about 16 years old. My sister had a friend who talked to him online and told us about the funny stories he wrote. We became avid fans - I think you would have, too. (His old stories aren't all online anymore, but my favorite was about Fred Savage and some Cabbage Patch Dolls who were hungry for penguins, complete with pictures.) We read each other's online journals and chatted occasionally. Nothing too huge!

In 2005, we met for the first time. This was also not a big deal-- my sister and my mom and I went to Memphis for some church thing, and we thought it would be neat to meet up with Robert since that's where he lived (we lived in Houston!) We met and had dinner, and that was that! I was super-shy at the time, so we barely even talked.

But a year later, my sister and I decided that we wanted to go on a road trip by ourselves for Spring Break. It only seemed natural to repeat the trip to Memphis, since we were still buddies with Robert.

The famous "chumbly cake" which we invented by email and then ate in real life.

We got to know each other a little bit better that time, but it was still just a friends thing because we each were in what we considered to be serious relationships at the time. Memphis just became the fun place for Sarah and I to go each Spring Break (even after we didn't officially have "spring break"). Robert made us yummy food, we watched stupid movies... plus who can turn down a 10 hour drive and a hotel stay? Not I!

Between the 2006 and 2007 visits, Robert and I both broke up with our significant others. We became really close at that time because we both needed someone to talk to, and we started calling each other on the phone a lot. I had also just started my office job, and he helped me pass the days away by emailing and chatting, all day every day. He became my favorite person. So I was especially psyched to see him on our yearly visit, though I still wasn't expecting anything romantic. I was kind of floored when he just kissed me one day. There was a lot of handholding. And when we returned home, I was thinking, "Hmm. That was confusing. But I like him. What does it mean??"

Well, it became increasingly clear to me that he was, in fact, the best human being in the entire world. We never even talked about what happened, but he did start asking me to marry him a lot (jokingly), especially when I would send him cookies in the mail. So when his birthday came up a couple of months later, Sarah and I planned an impromptu visit for that weekend. And I guess the rest is history. We expressed our undying love for each other, etc.

Of course, there was that pesky 10-hour road trip between us. So Robert planned his own visit to Texas to see me a couple of months later. We had such a good time!

We were very silly. And I had red hair at the time.

He came back again a couple of months later, for my birthday. We were sort of talking about me moving up to Memphis, but my family put a stop to that - they didn't approve at all. So... when Robert lost his job a little bit later, I felt bad for him but at the same time I was excited. He needed to move to me, of course. And he did. He spent a while fixing up his house, and then he put it up for sale. Even though the economy was starting to get pretty bad, it sold in TWO DAYS! [It was an adorable house, by the way, and I wish he still had it!!] My mom and I bought plane tickets and flew up to Memphis to help him move to Texas. Yes, we rented a truck and drove all his furniture back... and then I moved back into my parents' house while he lived in my apartment. [We had to do everything very tidy & proper.]

Trying times, my friends! But we made it through. Once Robert found a job, he got his own apartment and I was able to move back into mine. We spent every second together that we could, and things just got better and better. He went back to Memphis for Christmas, and I think that's when we decided we needed to get married. We missed each other so much and had horrible holidays. So we began scheming. We kind of had to scheme because my parents didn't want me to marry him [for religious reasons]. Everything was actually very hard, and we were only happy when we were together. So on Valentine's Day, 2008, Robert gave me the engagement ring that I'd picked out at a pawn shop. Then we endured many freak-outs as everyone noticed I was wearing a ring! But we kept on, because we knew it was so right for us.

Just before the wedding. We were hanging out. Everyone else was being ridiculous.

We planned the wedding around the end of my apartment lease, in May. Originally the plan was just to go to the courthouse, but the judge actually called and canceled the wedding a week ahead! So I went into planning mode and we had the wedding at our apartment complex, by the pool... conducted by another judge I knew. Very small, family only (because I just wanted it to be quick). We made all the food for the reception ourselves, and then we drove off for a road trip honeymoon! (Can you tell I like road trips?) The wedding was actually pretty classy, by my standards.

We made Mexican Wedding Cookies instead of cake. So good!

Since then, things have been great. So much has changed... but all for better! I don't regret any of it. Last night I came home from my new job [which I'm *loving* by the way] to find that Robert had made brownies for me. All I could think is, "this is so much better than what was going on a year ago, the night before the wedding." It was not fun. But everything is fun now, especially since we quit our jobs and moved far away from everyone! I highly recommend that you try it, at least once in your life.

Gross! Kisses!

We're going on another mini-road trip this weekend, so I probably won't post until next week!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

questions answered, part 2

I'm going to answer the rest of the questions today! I'm saving anything romance-related for tomorrow, which happens to be my 1 year wedding anniversary! We can wait one day to get sappy, right?

Ana B. had a good question: "You and Me. Karaoke. What song would you choose for us to duet?"

This is a tough one! I've never really done karaoke-- unless singing in Rock Band counts, but I think it's different. Sometimes Robert and I sing duets around the house (hilarious, I know). We like singing "Been All Around the World" as performed by the Pixies here. I get all the Kim Deal parts! But if you and I were singing together, I would want to pick something more exciting and ridiculous! Help me out! I'm drawing a blank.

Diana asked about my diet/exercise regimen, and if I'm vegetarian.

Nope, not a vegetarian. But I do love vegetables-- that's a new addition to my life. When I was a kid I refused to eat any vegetables. Actually, I refused to eat any vegetables until Robert started cooking for me [and I became much healthier]! I must confess that I don't really exercise. Although I'm small, I'm also very squishy. I do try to walk to as many places as I can instead of driving, but the rest is just genes and diet, I suppose. When I'm being good, my basic rules consist of these things: drink water instead of anything else - definitely no soda [think of it as a treat, not an every day thing]; no dessert unless you spend a long time making something fancy [I break this one a lot but I try not to]; 3 real meals a day - no snacks - and eat as little processed food as possible. I think cooking at home is very important! It's the most healthy way to eat, and cheaper too.


Quick aside: I've been telling Robert we should start a food blog-- he could write and I could take pictures. Does that sound like a good idea? For a while last year we were doing a little project with a toy robot and our adventures to the farmer's market, but I think we got bored with that.

Liz had the following questions:

What was the last thing that made you cry?

I haven't had a big cry in a while, but I think I did cry a little [yesterday] when watching the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where her mom dies. Hey, you asked!! Thinking about funerals at all makes me feel very sad-- I've been to too many.

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?"

If I were going to choose an animal to be, I think it would be a baby sloth or koala. Slow and cute, please. Possibly a lemur. I can't explain why - but probably it's because those are the animals I would like to hug most.

Anna at muchlove wanted to know:

What was your best vintage find/purchase?

There's another tough question! It's very hard to say, since each vintage find can be so exciting in its own way. There's a certain thrill to going in a shop and looking through things, or the pure joy of discovering something old that belonged to a family member. Here are two examples: shoes from a vintage shop, and a box full of jewelry that my mom had.

Do you tell people (friends/family) about your blog?

Not everyone. It's general knowledge with my sister and my online friends, but I don't talk about it with many other people. It's not really a secret-- I make sure that I wouldn't mind anyone finding it... I just know that certain people wouldn't quite get it.

When is your birthday?

August 24th! A little over 3 months away, and I'll be turning 23 next.

Well, that was fun [at least for me]! Thanks to everyone who gave me a question to think about! I hope it was a nice experience for you as well.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

we have a winner!

The results from the giveaway are in! 21 people left comments, and #17 was chosen as the winner. That's Liz!! Big big thank-yous to everyone else who commented (and sorry you didn't get chosen)! I will keep my eyes open for more neat prizes like that magazine. And perhaps next time I will choose names out of a large, ridiculous hat: pushing a button to choose a winner didn't seem official enough!

Today is lovely, but I'm an absolute sneeze-machine and my allergy problems are sucking the life out of me! I will be back tomorrow with answers to the rest of your questions and hopefully something a bit more exciting.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

little sheep

Today has been tiring. I just walked home from my first day of training at a pottery studio-- and you know after 5 months of being unemployed, it was kind of a big deal for me. (I think I might get some frozen yogurt out of this! Let's celebrate!!).

I came home to a nice surprise. I had nearly forgotten about a prize that was coming my way after Diana had an ambush giveaway a couple of weeks ago. During Polaroid Week she did an interview with Naomi Rose (check out her lovely flickr), and they chose 10 people from the comments to receive one of her prints. I chose this picture. And now I have it!

And the package was so sweet, with little paper hearts and everything. Very fun to open, especially because I had no idea what it was! Thank you, Diana and Naomi Rose! I'll have to find a place for my new woolly friends to live.

We're having people over tonight, so I should probably get my act together soon. I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner of my giveaway!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I feel I've been ignoring my camera a little too much lately. Obviously I still take pictures, but I haven't been capturing things the way I used to - just for the fun of it. So when I saw this post about Miss B's Photo School, I got really excited. Miss B. is owner of the Blah, Blah, Blahg and creator of the Bright Side Project. She has decided to start a flickr group called Souvenir Foto and she's giving out assignments!

This appeals to me greatly. The first assignment was to take a picture which represented the word 'sunshine'. I haven't decided which one to submit to the group yet, but this has definitely made me get out of the house a little bit more.

The weather is amazing today. I guess all that rain brought in a cool breeze - it was actually a bit cold this morning! We walked to the library and post office just before lunch, and it was perfect. Bright and sunny, but with just enough cool air to make everything pleasant.

And look who we saw!! I know I mentioned a couple of rabbits here a while back. This time I happened to have my camera. The baby ran off before we had time to look at him - probably I scared him by [quietly] shouting, "Rabbits! Rabbits! Rabbits!!" I suppose they live in this little clearing, or just hang out there.

And on the way home I spotted this old baseball. America!! Now I need to drink some lemonade.

Everyone, don't forget to comment on the giveaway if you're interested! I will be picking a winner in 2 days!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

questions answered, part 1

Today I'm going to answer some questions (because I know you're all just waiting on the edge of your seats)! I think it will be easiest to tackle the fashion questions first. So, here we go!

2005? (Had to crop out an undesirable!) Long hair!

Diane asked, "Have you always been into vintage fashion or was it an acquired taste?" Similarly, Liz asked, "How did you get into vintage fashion?"

I'd always been into shopping and dressing up, but it wasn't so much a personal statement-- just something I thought was part of being a girl. My mom was very thrifty and we shopped at garage sales and resale shops a lot, but it wasn't until high school that I got into vintage clothes. When one of my friends started driving, we began venturing into downtown Houston on the weekends. We found Buffalo Exchange (along with some other clothing exchange shops like Leopard Lounge and Taxi Taxi), and dressing up in vintage [or just plain weird] clothes became our hobby. I was really into it for a few years, but getting an office job messed it up for me. Suddenly I needed professional clothes and the kind of vintage I was wearing definitely didn't fit into that category. I retained a certain sense of vintage style (mostly on the weekends), but it's just in the past few months that I've been trying to make it a daily thing - I'd like everything in my closet to be vintage!

Gabbi said, "I wanted to ask where you came up with the 'telephone ghost' name for your etsy shop."

Good question! I guess I was mostly inspired by pieces of the poem Marriage by Gregory Corso [read it if you have time - I think it's probably the best poem ever]. It contains a lot of random phrases like apple deaf, christmas teeth, penguin dust... and I sort of combined two of them: telephone snow & ghost parking. Telephone and Ghost - those are words I just like! Plus, I imagine a little ghost trying to talk on the phone (in a friendly way), and that amuses me.

That also leads into Diane's other question: "What's your favorite book and why?"

The Journals of Sylvia Plath, without a doubt. I discovered her when I was in high school (ah yes, that is apparently when my whole personality was shaped!). I was really into the Beat Generation at the time - one of my teachers had suggested I do a report on Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg (and I already loved what I had read of Gregory Corso). I was reading anything by any Beat writer that I could find. Sylvia Plath doesn't exactly fall into that scene, but one day when I was in the poetry section of a bookstore, I saw her Journals and picked them up. Just by skimming I could tell she was a very relatable character, and I asked for the book for my birthday. I carried it around at school, my whole senior year, and basically thought about how Sylvia and I could have been best friends. I love reading diary-type books, and these are actually her real journals. I now have the Unabridged version, and I still haven't made it all the way through. But there is just so much to her writing, to her experiences. I love her.

Well, I hope some of that was informative and interesting! I don't want to overwhelm everyone with too much information all at once, so I'll save the other questions for another time (but don't worry - I will definitely answer them all!). Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

just some blouses

I've been having fun thinking about the questions I was asked yesterday, but I will wait another day or two to give any answers (ask some more!). (Except Robert's question about hot dogs - he's just being gross. I keep telling him I never want to eat hot dogs again, and he likes to harass me by talking about foods I don't like and pretending to invent gross new recipes, mostly involving mayonnaise).

ANYWAY!! Here are a couple of blouses I picked up last week, which will hopefully make it into my Etsy shop by this afternoon. It might not be until tomorrow, because my camera battery needed charging before I was done taking pictures.

Both of them are a bit bigger than most of the other clothes in my shop - I've been trying to get more things like that! Of course, they don't have sizes so I will have to guess. I think the grey one is something between a size 8 - 10, and the striped shirt is a 12 or 14. Before I tucked it in I looked so so silly. Dressing up is fun!

Friday, May 15, 2009

questions for me and for you


Today is really crummy weather-wise, and it's not helping me to be creative at all! One second it's raining, the next it's hot and humid. My hair is definitely not happy. Which makes me wonder - why do I have curly hair? It wasn't always like this. See the above photo of me when I was about 8 years old. For a while there, my hair was incredibly straight. What happened!?

You can probably also tell I was into the grunge & candy cane scene (well not really - but it looks like it, right?) . Anyway, I thought today it might be fun to do a sort of Question & Answer thing. I've had a lot of new visitors here lately, so I'm sure not all of you know much about me! Any questions about me or my blog? All are welcome! Answering questions is something I truly enjoy.

And in return I would like to ask my readers a question: What would you like to see more of on my blog? Anything in particular? Vintage fashion, sewing, baking, photography? I've been neglecting some of my hobbies lately...

I know a lot of bloggers ask that, but we do need some inspiration every now and again.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already! I will pick a winner next Wednesday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

black and white with a little pink

Finally, an outfit post just for the sake of an outfit post!! Here's what I put on this morning (or afternoon), though I'm not sure if I will make it out of the house in this.

Skirt and shoes are from that sale I went to this past weekend. You may notice I haven't put the skirt in my Etsy shop yet - it may be a keeper! I'm wearing a dress as a blouse (inspired by The Clothes Horse!) and also a capelet that I pulled from the back of my closet. I bought it at The Wet Seal a few years ago and never find enough occasions to wear it.

Hmm, this skirt is wrinkly. Nope, that's not helping. I am lazy about ironing.

This outfit actually solicited two "you-look-very-cute"s from Robert. He was so enthusiastic! Normally the only reaction I can get out of him is, "I'm a boy and I don't know anything about clothes." Success!!!

P.S. Be sure to leave a comment on the giveaway!! I've been overwhelmed by the number of comments already, and I like it! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

100th post giveaway!

This is my 100th blog post! I think it's time to do something special, so I have a little surprise for everyone: a giveaway! I've been trying to think of a prize that everyone could be excited about, and I finally found it!

It's a 1955 issue of Pageant magazine. It has something for everyone and it seems to magically capture the era so well. There are articles about polio vaccine, the hydrogen bomb, unhappy American women...

Not only that, but there are articles (including lovely pictures) about Eva Marie Saint, Shirley Jones, and Venetia Stevenson.

Etiquette tips from Emily Post, a feature on Ernest Hemingway at home, how to dance the Mambo...

It's really an amazing magazine! And it's in excellent condition. Of course, it does have some flaws -- I found a whole section of jokes about how bad women are at driving (ha ha). I guess it's just a sign of the times, but I can forgive them because there's also an adorable feature where they interviewed all the tenants of some random apartment building. So cute.

Now! THE DETAILS! All you have to do for a chance to win this is to leave a comment on this post. I will use a random number generator to choose a winner on Wednesday, May 20th. Feel free to tell your friends, though it might decrease your chance of winning! Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

circle skirts

I had a lot of fun dressing up yesterday! I was working on photographing the clothes mentioned in my last post. They're fun but they're not really my style, so most of these things will be going into my Etsy shop this afternoon.

OKAY, they are actually "my style" - I would have loved to own these things a few years ago! It's funny how priorities change: I really just want simple, comfortable clothes now. That sounds kind of lame, but it's true! Maybe it's all the dressing up I get to do for fun that is driving me to be boring in real life. Here's what I wore to the grocery store yesterday afternoon (after a morning of pretending it was the 1950s).

cardigan: Target, tank top: from my cousin, pants: Delia's (button replaced)

That's not too boring, is it? I'm just trying to calm down my wardrobe, because in the past I've been known to wear some silly things.

Monday, May 11, 2009

weekend adventures

This past weekend turned out to be fairly interesting. It started on Friday, when we met up with one of Robert's old friends for lunch. For the first time since we moved to Nashville, we ate at a restaurant. That's right, we haven't been out to eat since February. You don't have to feel sorry for me because I'm married to a first rate chef-dude, but it was kind of cool! We had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom, which is regionally famous for pizza. It was pretty tasty, though I will admit that Robert was right when he whispered, "I make better pizza crust."

And then Friday night we had another friend over to watch Dollhouse and eat leftover pizza along with a delicious homemade strawberry pie. There's definitely no lack of yummy food around here. We stayed up too late and spent the next day being sleepy. I skipped a garage sale that had vintage clothes. So when I saw an ad online for a sale Sunday, I thought I'd better go. Especially because this sale offered "Vintage Clothes, Taxidermy, Religious Art, Burlesque & Bellydance Costuming" - how could I resist?

I'm so glad I went! It wasn't an estate sale, but rather an indoor sale held by a group of friends... who just happened to be burlesque dancers. I guess they're getting out of that scene, because they were selling everything (including posters for their shows). Racks of pin-up-worthy clothes, boxes of old snowglobes, stacks of magazines from the 50s and 60s, stuffed squirrels and religious items (as promised). I don't really know how all those things are related, but it was a very interesting experience. I wish I could have bought more things! Here are a few of the things I got.

This skirt. (Blouse still available here!)

This adorable sweater (though I'm not sure the peach color suits me).


I am most excited about the shoes, which fit me. They're probably the only thing I will keep. I can't really do high-waisted skirts (do not enjoy my tummy being constricted), but I bought a few for my etsy shop. I also got another surprise which I will reveal later in the week!